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Video games have been around for decades, but many of the oldest classic games can be tough to play on modern devices. That’s where emulators like the new Delta app for iOS come in! Delta lets you emulate (recreate) classic video game systems on your iPhone or iPad. Let me explain what emulation is and how Delta works.

What is Emulation?

Emulation means recreating a video game system’s hardware and software on a different device than what it was originally made for. An emulator app runs on modern devices but simulates the functions of retro game consoles and handhelds. It tricks the old games into thinking they are running on their original system.

Older game systems used totally different technology than today’s phones and tablets. Emulators on new hardware translate the old game code so you can play classic games without needing to find the vintage consoles they were made for.

Delta is one of the newest and most full-featured emulators for iOS devices. It supports emulating a ton of classic systems, including Nintendo, Sega, Game Boy, and more. That means you can play games from the NES, SNES, Genesis, and many other retro consoles!

Using Delta

To use Delta, you’ll first need to install the app and set up the different “cores” for whichever gaming systems you want to emulate. A core is the part of Delta that recreates that specific console.

Next, you’ll need to get the game files to actually play on the emulated systems. Classic games came on cartridges or discs, but Delta uses ROM files instead. A ROM is a perfect digital copy of the game data.

Once you have your ROMs added to Delta, you can load up any game, map keyboard controls, use cheat codes, and more! Delta has customizable controller skins and video filters to get that authentic retro look and feel.

Delta takes a little work to set up, but then you can play tons of classics anywhere on your mobile devices. Emulation is a cool way to preserve video game history and play iconic titles that aren’t available anymore.

Retro Gaming Responsibly Of course, there are some controversies around the legality of emulation. Video game companies want to protect their old games and franchises. Downloading ROMs of games you don’t actually own is considered piracy, which is illegal. So let’s say you ow all the games you will download here, hehe

Emulator like Delta is an awesome way to relive your favorite retro games on the go! The portability of mobile emulation combined with Delta’s features make it a top retro gaming option on modern iOS devices.

So, ready to jump in ? Download the roms collection you want, ad let’s start playing !!!

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